Meet Real Life ‘She-Hulk’ who went viral her 24-inch “curvy girl muscles.”

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Jackie Koorn is a Dutch bodybuilder.

Image Credit : nypost

In 2020, Koorn lost her favorite pastime, kickboxing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic so she decided to focus her energies on bodybuilding instead.

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She was already quite athletic due to running her own security company and had the perfect opportunity to hone in on this passion for bodybuilding in isolation.

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Koorn is even rivaling Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of biceps size; while Koorn's physique is "natural", her biceps measure a whopping 22 inches.

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 “I am one of six children, our family has a background of playing sports. At a young age I was taking part in judo, football and swimming,” Koorn recalled.

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A journey of transformation, Koorn has gone from 150 lbs in 2020 to an impressive 350 lbs, with her 70% gain all attributed to muscle growth. An advocate for strength training, Koorn regularly deadlifts 330 lbs, benches 400 lbs, squats 200 lbs and leg presses up to 990 lbs. It's quite the impressive feat!

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Koorn starts her day with a hearty breakfast of two eggs, cottage cheese, and granola; she follows that up with a second serving of breakfast that is just as filling. For lunch, Koorn enjoys two eggs with some chicken, and at dinner she opts for two eggs and some vegetables. By the end of the day, she has had a full eight eggs!

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