Who is Lily Rose wife? Daira Eamon

Linn and country singer Reba McEntire have been in a romantic relationship since the end of 2020.

Reba McEntire revealed that her and her boyfriend Rex Linn hit it off from the start, thanks to the shared love of tater tots.

"We connected over our appreciation for the little potato gems and have been together ever since," she said.

Reba McEntire has shared the story of how she and her beau Rex Linn first became acquainted — and it all started with a plate of crispy fried potatoes!

On Wednesday's episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, the country superstar shared how a co-starring role on Young Sheldon with her now-partner Linn nearly 30 years after they initially met, led to their first date.

Who is Lily Rose wife? Daira Eamon