Richard Gere hospitalized at age of 73

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Richard Gere encountered a bout of pneumonia while rejoicing at their vacation house in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico in observance of his wife Alejandra Silva’s 40th birthday.

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People's revelry and joy were suddenly halted when news broke that a beloved Hollywood icon had become ill and needed to be quickly taken to the hospital for treatment.

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Richard is recuperating in Mexico this weekend after contracting pneumonia while enjoying a getaway with his family.

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Alejandra announced to her fans on Sunday that Richard had made remarkable progress and was recovering well.

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Richard and Alejandra have been happily coupled since 2018, blessed with two children, Alexander born in 2019 and their second son born in April 2020.

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Richard is the father of an older son, Homer, age 23, who he co-parents with his ex-wife Carey Lowell. The couples were married from 2002 until their divorce in 2016.

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