Shocked! This is How Much Imlie’s Actors Earn Per Episode

Megha Chakraborty

Chakraborty plays Imlie’s daughter and recently got married to Atharva on the show. The audience love her in her element and she is great as Imlie. She earns Rs. 50,000 for one episode.

Karan Vohra

Vohra plays Atharva, Husband of Imlie. He charges Rs 50,000 for one episode.

Seerat Kapoor

Kapoor plays Chini, imlie’s sister.  She charges Rs 45,000 per episode.

Chaitrali Gupte

Gupte plays the role of Devika, Rudra’s wife and Atharva’s mother. She gets 32,000 Rs per episode. She is great as Devika and people love her.

Bobby Parvez

Parvez plays the role of Atharva’s father Rudra on the show. He earns Rs. 30,000 per episode.

Rajshri Rani

Rani plays the role of Arpita, Sundar’s wife and Imlie’s aunt. She has been there before the leap and earns 35,000 Rs per episode.

Gaurav Mukesh

He plays the role of Sundar on the show and gets Rs 30,000 per episode.

Neetu Pandey

Pandey plays the role of Narmada on the show, Imlie and Chini’s grandmother. She earns 35,000 per episode.