Review of "Shazam! Fury of the Gods"

Fury of the Gods, the 2023 American superhero movie based on DC Comics' beloved Shazam character, is a production of New Line Cinema, DC Studios, Safran Company, and Seven Bucks Productions.

In the first portion of the film "Shazam!", Levi portrayed a child in an adult superhero's form, and portrayed it with a wonderful mix of wit and intelligence, making it a type of “Big” in disguise.

Levi's characterization was a defining factor of the movie's success. In "Shazam! Fury of the Gods," Levi returns with more experience and maturity, but his usual struggles to keep up with his newfound powers remain.

Still, he's determined as ever to prove himself in the red suit, even if it means going beyond what he thinks he can manage.

Levi shines in this film as always, but with his hair cut in and slightly shorter style, something feels different. His trademark sparkle and exuberance seems slightly tempered, though he still appears just as endearing.

The modified length of the cut alters his aura, making him appear slightly more mature and serious. Though the change is subtle, it can be noticed if you look close enough.

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