'The Last of Us' Cameo is an Ultra-Romantic Gesture!

Melanie Lynskey shared a sweet story about her husband, actor Jason Ritter, getting to make an unexpected cameo in the popular video game The Last of Us, which she thought was "really romantic."

Melanie Lynskey's husband, Ritter, made a surprise appearance in the HBO drama series but in a strikingly different form; he played one of the show's frightening and zombie-like "clickers" infected by fungus.

During a chat on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lynskey divulged his clandestine involvement.

"He was a stunt person. He trained with the stunt people, and he just did all these amazing stunts. It's like his lifelong dream,"

She said to host Jimmy Fallon, "He got put in makeup and came out of the ground and was falling over and doing all these”

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