Who Is Sarah Snook's Husband?

During the pandemic that has been so widely discussed, Sarah Snook delighted fans with news of her marriage to comedian Dave Lawson -- a secret that had been kept until now.

They first encountered each other in 2014, but their relationship stayed platonic for a while since they were never both single simultaneously.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, The Succession actor and the stand-up comedian turned their friendship into a romantic one as they quarantined together in the beginning of 2020.

Dave Lawson full name is David Alexander Webster Lawson. He is an Australian comedian born on September 25, 1978.

He is a familiar face to those in the stand up comedy scene, and he previously featured on the Nova 100 radio station in a talk back show.

Lawson hails from Bayside, Melbourne and graduated from Haileybury College. His musical talent was showcased as he played in the band Born Backwards.

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