Who is Matt Wilson? Golden Ticket Winner of American Idol 2023

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Matt Wilson is an American musician from New York. He is one of the top 24 contestants of 21th season of reality television show American Idol aired on ABC. With his soulful voice and creative musical style, Matt has captured the hearts of audiences everywhere. Wilson is third singer who received Golden ticket after Tyson Venegas and Kaylin Hedges.

Early Life

Matt Wilson is a 22 year-old who grew up in the West Side of Buffalo, NY and graduated from the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. He has been singing since he was nine and loves tuning into various genres from gospel to R&B, jazz, and classical.

Even though he currently works as a teacher’s aide at the JCC downtown, Matt is determined to make it in the music industry. His goal is to achieve a level of success that allows him to explore all sorts of musical styles and share his unique voice with the world.

Matt Wilson with his wife Melisa
Matt Wilson with his wife Melisa


Wilson is quickly establishing himself as a name to look out for in the music industry. His journey began as a day care teacher in Buffalo, New York, but he was determined to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional singer.

It all paid off during week two of season 21 American Idol auditions when Matt stepped into the room and stunned the judges with his soulful voice. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan were moved by his hard work and dedication.


They were even more impressed when they discovered that he had been working with young children at a day care center before giving it all up to pursue his dream.

Wilson put his dreams of making it big in the music industry on the backburner for many years. But with the loving support of his wife Melisa, he was able to find the courage to audition for American Idol.

During his audition, he opened up about how far he had come. “It’s been a long time since I’ve really dreamed. I didn’t think it would even be possible,” he said. “If it wasn’t for her, then I wouldn’t be in front of you guys.”

Wilson won the Kenny Award for Best Actor in 2019 for his performance as the lead in the school’s production of Les Miserables, and was then sent to Broadway.

He has released six singles – Supernatural, I Can’t Wait, Maybe I’m Right, Advice, and Favorite – garnering positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

The contestant has huge fan following on Instagram and updates fans with song covers, originals, and more.


Matt Wilson got married to Melisa on July 10, 2021. She has always been a huge supporter of his musical journey.

Melisa first heard him sing in middle school and was immediately in awe. “He blew my mind and he still does every day,” she said. “He has so much talent and I just want the world to see that.”


How old is Matt Wilson?

Wilson is a 22 year-old and lives in West Side of Buffalo, NY

How tall is Matt Wilson?

Wilson stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches (approximately).

Who is wife of Matt Wilson?

Matt Wilson got married to Melisa on July 10, 2021.

Is Madison Bailey on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok?

Yes, He is present on all social platforms with username @Mattwilsonsings.

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